Multiplayer Quiz


The quiz platform is a powerful multiplayer or singleplayer quiz engine. It can be highly modified to fit your needs. Every existing quiz concept can be adapted and adjusted to your demands, from "Who wants to be a millionaire" to "The weakest link".

Users pick from different categories and join a quiz-show in the lobby. When the show starts, all participants receive the question in their own language, trying to answer it as fast as possible for bonus points.

The platform is optimized for performance, at peak times Neopoly's servers seamlessly handled showcases with more than 500.000 players.

A trivia game is just as good as its questions are! Our experienced team of editors delivers high-quality quiz questions on all topical areas in all European languages and, if desired, level-based.

Key facts

  • Adaptation of any existing quiz concept
  • Apart from multiple choice questions, free text entry is possible as well
  • Error-tolerant evaluation of entries and administration of correct answer alternatives
  • Tolerance of a defined level of typing mistakes or synonyms
  • Size of player groups can be freely chosen
  • Grouping by level of difficulty and / or topics
  • Rankings on defined time periods or special topics
  • Real multilingualism and common gaming excitement
  • Integrated chat
  • Lobby for appointments and planning, displaying of the number of players online and of games running
  • Handling more than to 500.000 users simultaneously